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Australia used to mainly use coal and other fuels to make electricity, but now they’re switching to cleaner energy like solar, water, and wind power.  

This change means they need big batteries to store extra energy when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing.  

These battery storages are significant for businesses to keep running smoothly, even during a power outage. Consequently, we will discuss commercial solar energy solutions with applications and advancements.    

These batteries soak up extra electricity from solar panels, so companies can use them later when they require them to keep their operations going. 

Australia might need about 8.4 million hours of storage to fully rely on renewable energy to save all the power from their wind and solar farms.

What is Commercial Battery Storage? Understanding Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Commercial battery storage uses special chemicals to soak up and give out energy. It usually relies on Lithium-Ion batteries to store electricity.  

This technology is essential for renewable energy. It stores up extra power when it’s not needed much and then releases it when demand is high. 

Different types of batteries can be used, like Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), and Lead-Acid.  

Among these, Li-ion batteries are commonly used because they can store a lot of energy, hold onto it well, don’t have much memory effect, are safe for most uses, and are lightweight.  

The lifespan of a commercial battery storage unit depends on how often it’s used and recharged. Manufacturers usually give a warranty and info about how many times it can be charged. 

Although commercial battery storage is still pretty new, as more businesses use solar power, it’s becoming a practical option.  

We at Cyanergy can help you save money in the long run, cut down on carbon emissions, and become more self-reliant on electricity.  

Whether you want a separate battery system or want to combine it with your solar setup, our skilled team can set it up for you. 

Solar battery storage serves the following purposes: 

  • Transmission and distribution levels of the national power grid 
  • Behind the meter in industrial, commercial, and residential operations 
  • Off-grid and on the edge of the grid to serve poor connection locations.

Understanding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Small and medium businesses in Australia are turning to affordable, renewable solar power. We offer a great way to meet your energy needs without spending much money upfront.  

Enjoy endless renewable energy with Cyanergy! Get a free solar quote today! We can also set up solar battery storage for you and keep it working well. 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Saves Money 
  • Energy Independence 
  • Environmental Benefits 
  • Enhanced Resilience 
  • Reduces expensive peak demand charges 
  • Helps change when electricity is used  

solar energy

Solar Power for Commercial Use, Cut Demand Charges

When a business operates from 9 to 5, five days a week, there are times when solar panels produce more electricity than required.  

This extra electricity usually goes to the grid for just a few cents per unit. But in some places in Australia, this extra electricity can’t go to the grid and is wasted. 

This electricity could instead be saved in batteries when electricity prices are very high at certain times of the day. 

Another advantage is changing when electricity is used. If a battery is used during high electricity prices, there could be big savings on demand charges.  

These charges can make up a big part of a company’s yearly electricity bill. For many of Energy Matters’ business customers, demand charges can be as much as 45-50% of their total electricity costs. 

Using battery storage with solar helps businesses make the most of their cheap electricity. Even without solar panels, battery storage lets a company use cheaper electricity from the grid during off-peak times.  

Then, they can use that stored energy when electricity from the grid is most expensive. 

Application of Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Making the most of solar batteries means using them in smart ways.  

Here are some ways they can help:

Uninterrupted Energy Usage

A simple way to use a battery is to charge it up during the day when the sun’s out and use that power at night when it’s dark. But just doing this might not be enough to make it worth the money. It’s best to use the battery daily to get the most out of it over its lifetime. 

Cutting Energy Needs

Sometimes, companies have to pay a lot for using power simultaneously. But with batteries, they can ensure they don’t use too much power at once, so they don’t have to pay as much.  

It can save money, especially since power needs can make up much of their bills. To figure out how much money they can save, they need to know exactly how much power they use at different times and what their power company charges. 

Providing Cheap Energy Prices

Batteries can help businesses save even more by playing with power prices. They can charge up the batteries when power is cheap and use that power when it’s more expensive.  

Sometimes, the price difference can be a lot, so this can save them a bunch of money. Big power companies are also starting to use batteries to sell power when prices are high.  

In the future, regular people might be able to do this too, selling power when it’s expensive and buying it when it’s cheap.

Keeping the Lights on During Blackouts

Some businesses can lose much money when the power goes out unexpectedly. A battery to keep things running can be valuable, especially if the power’s out for a long time.  

Batteries are a good alternative to diesel generators, which can cost a lot to buy and run but might last longer during long blackouts.

Avoiding expensive upgrades

Sometimes, businesses need so much power that they must pay a lot to upgrade the power grid in their area. However, using solar power with batteries can be a cheaper option.  

They can use the existing power grid or set up their power system without paying for expensive upgrades. 

Other Applications for Commercial Solar Batteries

Commercial batteries have other uses, too. A business might use them to sell power back to the electric grid. 

They could sell power during times when prices are high. Businesses might also offer other services, like helping to keep the electricity system stable.  

Even though these services aren’t common yet, they might become more common in the future. These services could include helping to balance the solar power system or keeping the frequency of the electricity stable. 

Another use for commercial solar batteries could be for businesses that don’t want to upgrade or can’t afford to upgrade their power systems to meet all their needs from the grid. 

Advancements in Solar Energy Storage Technology

Companies that make solar batteries always work on new stuff to make them work better and last longer. As they progress with technology, solar batteries are expected to become cheaper.

Manufacturing Scale

As more people and companies want solar batteries, the companies are manufacturing more solar batteries. It means they can make each battery for less money. This is already happening as more companies start making and getting better at solar batteries.

Market Competition

Because many people are interested in solar batteries, many companies are trying to get in on the action. It makes the competition tough, and companies must offer better deals to stay ahead. 

Financial Incentives by Government

In many places, governments give money back or help with the costs to get people to use more renewable energy. As these programs keep going and change, they can make it cheaper for people to get solar batteries. 

Research for Better Batteries

Universities and research centers are always looking for new ways to make batteries work better. When they find something good, it can make solar batteries cheaper. 

Public Demand

As more Australians see the good things about solar batteries, more people will want them. This can make companies work harder to make better batteries for cheaper prices. 

Even though solar batteries have been getting more expensive lately, it’s hard to say exactly when they’ll get super cheap. But, experts agree that prices will keep decreasing over the next few years so that more people can afford them. 

So, if you’re considering getting solar batteries, keeping an eye on everything happening on the market is a good idea.  

New Emerging Battery Technology

solar energy solutions

Some new things are happening in solar batteries. One interesting thing is using smart computers and artificial brains to make batteries work even better. These smart technologies can help batteries work their best by planning, organizing, and predicting. 

Another interesting idea is mixing different kinds of energy storage. It’s like making a combo meal! This system combines different technologies, like storing heat and using batteries. 

Are you thinking of going solar? Join the millions of Australians and choose us! Get a free solar quote in just a few minutes! 

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Commercial Solar Energy Storage: Applications And Advancements

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